US var. of -AEMIA.

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a combining form occurring in compound words that denote a condition of the blood, as specified by the initial element: hyperemia.
Also, -aemia, -haemia, -hemia.
[ < NL < Gk -(h)aimía (as in anaimía want of blood), equiv. to haim- (s. of haîma) blood + -ia -IA]

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combining form. condition of the blood: »

Toxemia = a poisoned condition of the blood.

[< New Latin -emia < Greek haîma blood]

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(also -hemia, Brit. -aemia or -haemia) comb. form in nouns denoting that a substance is present in the blood, esp. in excess

septicemia | leukemia

from modern Latin -aemia, from Greek -aimia, from haima ‘blood’

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var. -æmia.

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